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Stainless steel housing
The stainless steel housing and full flat touch panel are resistant to oxidization and corrosion from watand acid & alkali. The stainless steel housing is hard for bacteria growing, which is ideal fer or the concern on contamination, e.g. food industries. ..
IP67 / IP69K Waterproof
All products are 100% vacuum pressure verified before delivery, which simulates the same IP grade scenario at end user sides, 100% guarantee no leakage (details, please contact sales contact window). ..
Touch on/off for hygienic cleaning
In order to keep hygiene, periodical cleaning is crucial is some applications ; for avoiding touch screen accidental operation, operator may need to shut down system during cleaning. ..
24/7 operation without limitation
Fanless cooling by high heat efficiency heat pipe and large heat dissipation heatsink, optimal MB power design to maximize power efficiency and minimize heat generation. ..
USB3.0 port available
For supporting USB3.0 interface, it needs greater demands for transferring larger files at faster speeds, that is 5 gigabits per second. Data loss is often found by water proof connectors. ..
COM+power port available
End user may use a COM interface device (ex. barcode scanner) which needs COM plus DC power from PC via single cable to operate. ..
EMC class B grade
WTP series are all EMC class B grade certified which is applicable for home ..
Waterproof speaker available
In some applications (ex. kitchen and factory), end user may need message in vocal form. ..
Vandal-proof touch screen available
In some applications (ex. KIOSK or ticket machines), system owner may need system to be vandal proof for minimizing loss if system is rudely treated. ..
Easy installation in limited space
With minimized outside dimensions and downward external IO, it only occupies little space. ..
Warranty and longevity supporting
Longevity component supporting ..
Customization service
Wincomm R&D capability to provide customization service ..
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