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UL/EN 60601-Certified
UL/EN 60601-Certified, all in One Medical Computers designed for healthcare ..
Special antimicrobial housing
Special antimicrobial housing to battle surface contamination (MRSA) ..
IP65 front bezel
IP65 front bezel - Sealed and protected. Can be sprayed and wiped clean ..
Intuitive hot keys operation, easy to use
Smooth surface for Easy Clean ..
Built-in battery, avoid interruption of power
The internal battery option provides up to 20 minutes of standby power in case of a blackout to allow for an orderly system shutdown. ..
Isolated ports
Provides unique electric leakage protection for COM ports, and LAN ports, and optional USB port ..
PCIe/PCI expansion riser card
PCIe/PCI expansion riser card for medical image capture ..
DICOM - Clinical Display ..
Customization service
Wincomm R&D capability to provide customization service ..
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