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Anti UV design
Anti UV design to keep touch screen & LCD from sunlight damage ..
Smart cooling
Smart cooling keeps PC from burned down under direct sunlight ..
Smart heating wakes PC under -20°C
Cold temp. often makes components no function or unstable. ..
Sunlight readable design
Sunlight readable design to make LCD picture clear under sun ..
Auto-dimming design
Auto-dimming design to make LCD picture easily read in the dark ..
Robust enclosure
Robust enclosure meets water/dust/acid rain/salt proof ..
Smart ventilation avoids water condensing
PTFE ventilation film to exhaust hot air for air pressure balance to avoid stainless steel case deformation; enclosure IP grade is still effective. ..
Warranty and longevity supporting
Longevity component supporting ..
Customization service
Wincomm R&D capability to provide customization service ..
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