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Wincomm Announced Intel 6th gen. Core i Skylake CPU Platform WLP-7F20 Fanless Industrial Panel PC Series
Wincomm announced upgraded high-end Intel 6th generation skylake CPU platform to fanless industrial panel PC WLP-7F20 series. The full flat panel PC comes in four sizes, 15''/ 16'' /17''/ 19''/ 21.5’’. Compared to the previous generation WLP-7D20 series, skylake advantage is in its CPU performance upgrade. The CPU performance will be depended on different applications, and it is still improved the overall system performance. ..

Wincomm 推出Intel 第六代Core i Skylake CPU 平台 WLP-7F20 無風扇工業級觸控電腦系列
Wincomm 推出無風扇工業電腦最新Intel 6th gen. Skylake CPU平台系列 WLP-7F20,共有五種尺寸,15/16/17/19/21.5吋,讓全平面系列尺寸產品線可以更完整。相較於上一代的WLP-7D20系列,Skylake的優勢在於CPU效能增進,CPU效能表現依不同應用而有所差異,但整體的效能表現仍顯著提升。..

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